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At last, a place to rest: Furniture!

Well, a pinch & a punch and welcome to the new month! 

It has taken quite a while but, its finally happening - wardrobes, sideboads and table kits will soon be able to be purchased through the site.  I recall a net friend, Sue Leachman, who once told me that I needed to do furniture.  I never forgot that and in some ways I guess that has empowered me to one day have a go at it.  So, the first piece of funirure that is being worked on is a Morrocan inspired cabinet and dual wine rack sideboard as I really want to improve my engraving abilities and geometric designs would work well towards this.  Although she isn't quite there yet,  I can now show you a few work-in-progress pictures of the design in its raw wood form in the first prototype build.  The next stop will be to finess the details a bit and decided on the final materials. 

Shown adjacent a business card: