Q. What sort of glue do you recommend?

I personally really like Gorilla brand wood glue. It is really good stuff and only needs to be held with a bit of pressure for a minute or two, so I tend to use masking tape for a trial run first off. Another really good one is one in a bright yellow bottle - 502 wood glue I think it was called. The gorilla brand also has a reduced clod nozzle design which I am quite fond of.


Q. What type of paint would you recommend, and do I need to use a primer?

The wood grain is best supressed using thicker paints. As relatively small quantities are required and often an array of standard and more heritage colours may be fitting, I personally find using emulsion tester pots a great way to go - the thick colours help not lift the grain too much and a super light sandind of any priming coats works well.


Q. Would you recommend painting the interior of the building before glueing it all together?

The recommended method would be to initially lay out all the parts you have and masking tape them together as you go.  Once completed in this manner, start gluing them step by step.  Some parts such as doors and windows will be more difficult to paint once glued into position, these parts are advised to be pre-painted, and their allocated cavities, prior to final construction.


Gorilla glue has been my ongoing favourite for putting models together - a little pressure and it gives you a really good hold, overnight and you'll probably never pull it apart at the seam - it is really good stuff.  Coupled with this is an ingenious quick clear nozzel that I can only applaud, no lore sticking pins down the neck of a bottle - I love these!

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Craft knifes - something I love and something I loathe; a good craft knife needs weight and a solidity that gives confidence and a good quality cut.  The blades on this knife seem to last longer than a lot of others that I have tested and the weighty comfortable handle makes it a joy to use.  I own many craft knifes, but this one is my main choice every time.

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A quality cutting mat will save your tables - don't scrimp, it will last you forever an you will always be grateful to it!  I like the traditional green flexible craft mat that takes up no space whatsoever!

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This is a bit special - I thumbed through a mass of tiny cutting machines, but this one I love the best.  Not just in a great colour scheme, this thing is metal all the way through, has great angle cutting abilities, an easy to swap blade that you can easily get extras for, plus a great side tool of a sanding disc that works a treat!  I love this little thing - Oh! And it fits in my bag - what a little wonder!

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Prior to my mini table/ bench saw, this was my go-to, and for speed sometimes it still can't be beaten.  Its a quiet and super simple to use desk tool.

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So this one is just about the most special tool I could have every envisages - this thing is AMAZING!  If you haven't yet guessed, its a laser cutter and what I swear by!  My best friend is an android afterall -if dreams are electric, then this is the best dream there could be.  It engraves, cuts and gives you the most creative freedom. This is Glowforge!  Click the link below to get:

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