NEW TO THE SHOP: FURNITURE  1:24th , 1:48th

We now stock a range of 1:24th and 1:48th quarter scale furniture to decroate your scenes.  Check them out in the CHAMBERFURNITUREDIY section.

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Coming Soon . . .

2020 saw the number of 48th scale kits available get a boost, this year we are kicking off spring with a few new 1:144 additions to the collection, watch this space! AND . . . . . Don't forget to follow the social feeds to get sneak previews of new projects and early notification of new kits!

1:144 Bowling Pavillion

1920s Bowling Pavillion 1:144th

I went with my architect friend for a coffee to a local bowling green featuring a beautiful club house adorned with drapes of purple bloom whisteria. This kit will be based on this real life building plus a few additions; namely a glass roof to the parade.

1:48 Thistle House

Thistle House 1:48th

Thistle house is a project based on a house that I pass on a regular basis to and from while out on the walk to do my posting.  It is pure white from top to bottom with an interesting decorative motif and great proportions.  The model will feature two large rooms inside.


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